Appendix: Additional Quotations

The Leek Quaker Minute Book for 1720:

167 This meeting being informed John Ford hath married one not of our society its desired John Toft Jun and Isaac Whitehead speak to him upon it. 2nd 4th mo 1720

168 John Toft jun and Isaac Whitehead not having answered their service respecting John Ford are still confirmed. 7/5/1720

169 John Toft Jun acquainted us how with is brother Sam word [sic] with John Ford to speak to him upon account of going from us who we understand signified his satisfaction therein and total unwillingness to give any reason for his so doing, from which cannot have any hopes of his sehiz nor sight of misdoing yet if any have it upon their mind to say further to him it is desired they may not omit it. 4/6/1720