Gallery - People

Bill Stubbs and family
Bill Stubbs and family. Foreground, from Bill anti-clockwise: Elsie, Doris, Gladys, Mary, Unknown. Background: Doris Tilstone, Baby Tilstone.
Annie Ford about 1945
Annie Ford in the greenhouse about 1945.
Ford bungalow in Sands Road, Harriseahead
The bungalow in Sands Road built for the Ford family but since demolished to make way for a modern bungalow.
The Ford family about 1912
The Ford family about 1912.
Julia Hancock, wife of Bill Stubbs
Julia Hancock, wife of Bill Stubbs. But which Bill Stubbs?
George and Sarah Anne Stubbs about 1930
George and Sarah Anne Stubbs in Sands Road about 1930.
Harriseahead school football team 1924
Harrishead School footbal team in 1924. Clifford Ford is in the middle row, second from right.
Harriseahead school standard 3 and 4 1914
Harriseahead School Standard 3 and 4 in 1914. Hilda Ford is at the left.
Harriseahead school standard II 1914
Harriseahead School Standard 11 in 1914. Leonard Ford is at the bottom-centre.
Harriseahead school about 1920
Harriseahead School about 1920.
Henshall Stubbs
Henshal Stubbs.
Henshall Stubbs
Henshal Stubbs?
Henshall and Mahetabel Stubbs
Henshal and Mahetabel Stubbs.
High Street Harriseahead
High Street, Harriseahead.
Hilda, Leonard an Clifford Ford 1913
Hilda, Leonard and Clifford Ford about 1913.
Methodist Community
The Methodist chapel community about 1900.
Mystery Lady
Probably Annie Ford aged about 20 in 1894.
Tom, Annie and Hilda Ford
Tom, Annie and Hilda Ford about 1945.
Tom, Annie  and Hilda Ford
Tom, Annie and Hilda Ford in the greenhouse at Sands Road.