The parentage of John Ford who married Hannah Oaks in 1750 and had children baptised at Newchapel and Astbury is uncertain. He is likely to have been born between 1720 and 1730. If he is not the son of John Ford of Bucknall then he must be the son of another family extant at the time. My story rather runs out here, with a plethora of Ford families and John Fords who I have not yet related to each other.

Isaac Ford of Stadmorslow and Old Rode

The following records indicate that another Issac Ford and his wife Grace lived for a time at Stadmorslow before moving to Odd Rode:

  • Wolstanton marriage: 6 Oct 1728 Isaac Ford and Grace Baker
  • Newchapel baptism: Isaac son of Isaac and Grace Ford Aug 24 1729 Stad Ham
  • Astbury baptism: 15 Sept 1734 Mary daughter of Isaac Ford and Grace
  • Astbury baptism: May 1st 1743 Odd Rode Isaac Ford son of Isaac Ford husbandman and Grace of Odd Rode

Isaac Ford died in 1766 and left a simple will. To his son John Ford, Ann the wife of Thomas Sutton, Mary Ford and William Ford he left one shilling each. The remainder went to his wife Grace Ford, who was nominated as Executor along with Thomas Ford. However, the name of the latter was crossed out between the will being made in 1752 and his death in 1766. Isaac also has a tombstone that reads:

Isaac Forde died 6th August 1766 aged 65 'inscription'
John Ford of Old Rode son of the above Isaac Forde departed this life the 25th February 1778 age 19 years. John Ford of Old Rode died April 7th 1855 aged 85. Also Alice wife of the above John Ford died June 1st 1834 aged 65 years

Did I mis-transcribe the age of John Ford? Grace was surely too old at c50 for childbearing. And there was already a son John in 1752. Anyway it seems clear that this family is not the ancestor of my line.

Thomas Ford of Stadmorslow

As Isaac Ford of Stadmorslow and Old Rode nominated Thomas Ford as an executor of his will, perhaps the following burial record indicates that Isaac and Thomas were brothers:

  • Newchapel Burial: Sep 17th 1755 Elizabeth wife of Thomas Ford Stad

Fords of Biddulph

Biddulph is adjacent to Stadmorslow and there are a number of records relating to John Fords and other Ford families:

  • Biddulph Burial: John Ford buried July 15th 1706
  • Will: 1706 Sept 27 John Ford of Overton, Biddulph Mary widow -> intestate [crap note]
  • John Forde, baptised 29 Apr 1726 [or Jan 1727], son of John and Elizabeth Forde of Biddulph.
  • John Foard, baptised 6 Aug 1727, son of James and Anne Foard of Biddulph. He was buried July 16th 1728. And sadly, another male infant son of James and Anne Foard was buried 19th May, 1729.
  • Will: John Ford of Hulme Walfield in Astbury left Biddlph Overton property to John Ford of the Abbeyfield in trust for children, inluding John son of late son John [damn - no date]
  • Biddulph Marriage Bans: Witnessed by John Ford and Ralph Ford: James Frost and and Margaret Eardley 15 June 1755, Married 18 August.
  • Biddulph Map: John Ford's farm of 70 Acres dated 1759
  • Biddulph Burial: John Forde 16th June 1760
  • Biddulph Burial: Thomas Ford 14 January 1769
  • Biddulph Burial: Elizabeth Ford widow Feb 23rd 1772
  • Biddulph Burial: John Ford from Eaton in Astbury Parish Feb 2nd 1782
  • Will 1782: John Ford of Eaton laves his property in Biddulph to his son John Ford provided he pays for the upkeep of hisyounger children. Son Peter gets land in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire. Son William gets house in Prestbury. And so on.
  • Biddulph Tombstone: John Ford died Jan 30 1783 aged 57 years, the rest not clear

Astbury Records

  • Astbury Burial: 12 Feb 1778 John Ford of Odd Rode
  • Astbury Burial:20 April 1795 John Ford Gent of Danebank Congleton Will: legacies to wife and nieces Eliza Lowe and Ann Johnson
  • Astbury Burial: 24 February 1796 Hannah Ford widow of Odd Rode
  • Astbury Burial: 22 Sep 1754 Anne wife of James Ford Gent of Congleton
  • Astbury Burial: 22 Oct 1754 Mary d of James Ford Gent of Congleton
  • Astbury Burial: 18 Jan 1757 John Ford Gent widowman of Eaton
  • Astbury Burial: 4 Aug 1757 John Ford Forgeman of Congleton
  • Astbury Burial: 8 Mar 1735 John s of John Ford Forgeman of Congleton
  • Astbury Baptism: 25 June 1769 Thomas s of John Ford and Rebecca of Eaton
  • Odd Rode parish formed in 1860 Baptisms 1809-1816...
  • Did not scan Astbury records before 1732 because I could not decipher them
  • Astbury Marriage: Joannis Ford parish de Biddulph and Eliz Dean
  • Astbury baptism April 1700 [no date given] Odd Rode Margareta fil Williel Ford et Lydia (How would Margery latinise?)

Other Notes

Josiah Ford of Heath House, Horton, Gent (1732) left estate to son Isaac, and support for wife Ann and son John. Rowley says that Isaac was the only surviving son when Josiah died and that John died as an infant.