The Family of Isaac Ford 1800-1861

The Family of Isaac Ford are easily assembled because all of the names are those mentioned on the fly-leaf of the Family Bible. In tree form:

The family of Isaac Ford born 1800 - Scrollable
Isaac Ford 1800-1861=Mary Hancock 1802-1880

Isaac was born in 1800 in Lawton parish, the son of Isaac and Mary Ford. The parish boundary is just a few hundred yards from Mow Cop, so being born over the border may not be particularly significant. However, there is likely to be a family connection with Cheshire as Isaac's father (also Isaac) was buried at Astbury.

Isaac Ford was a fairly common name in the area in the late 18th and early 19th Century - in Parish Recods, Census data and on tombstones. At least three lived at the same time on the flanks of Mow Cop!

Page Appendix: Collated Notes

Notes on individuals gathered from scattered locations in my notebook, and elsewhere.

Isaac Ford 1800-1861

Lawton Parish Baptism Register: Isaac son of Isaac and Mary Ford Collier 24th August 1800 Lawton Note: there are records of other children of Isaac and Mary being baptised at Lawton, including an entry in the Newchapel Parish Register.

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Isaac Ford of Stadmorslow July 21st 1861 aged 60 years.

Mary Ford (Hancock) 1802-1880

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Mary Ford of Mow Cop July 12th 1880 aged 78 years.

Lionel Ford 1822-1858

Mormon Baptism Record: Lionel Ford, Isaac Ford/Mary, 8 Sep 1822, Newchapel

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Lionel Ford of Stadmorslow May 16th 1858 aged 35 years

Hannah Ford 1824-

Mormon Baptism Record: Hannah Ford, Isaac Ford/Mary, 6 Jun, 1824, Newchapel

Later became Hannah Williams and died btween ...

Edna Ford 1826-1826

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: June 1st 1826 Edna daughter of Isaac and Mary Ford age 9 days. Brierhurst - Note that Isaac and Mary are at Brierhurst at this time.

Enoch Ford 1828-1906

Mormon Baptism Record: Enoch Ford, Isaac Ford/Mary, 20 Jul, 1828, Newchapel

Tombstone at Newchapel: Emma wife of Enoch Ford of Stadmorslow. Died June 30, 1887 aged 39 | Margaret Lawrence (daughter) 12/11/1874- 24/12/1876 | Enoch Ford Died 4th May 1906 aged 77

Thomas Ford 1830-1832

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Thomas son of Isaac and Mary Ford of Stadmorslow Nov 1st 1832 aged 2 years

Mary Ford 1836-1841

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Mary daughter of Isaac and Mary Ford of Stadmorslow Jan 5th 1841 aged 4 years.

Thomas Ford 1840-1884

Newchapel Parish Burial Register: Thomas Ford of Harriseahead Mow Cop Parish March 26th 1884 aged 43 years - Note that Mow Cop is now a separate parish with its own churchyard but Thomas elected for burial at Newchapel.

John Ford 1844-

Mormon Baptism Record: John Ford, Isaac Ford/Mary, 1 Sep, 1844, Newchapel