The Family of Isaac Ford 1764-1834

The Lawton Parish Register reveals that the parents of the Isaac Ford 1800-1861 were Isaac and Mary Ford. It is also clear that, in 19th Century rural Staffordshire, marriage was often followed by a series of children at two to four year intervals. So it is possible to piece together families and their movements from the Baptism Recods. That has led me to construct the following tree:

The family of Isaac Ford born 1764 - Scrollable
Isaac Ford 1764-1834 = Mary

The evidence for the existence of this family group is fairly strong. The first and last two children were baptised at Lawton. The middle two at Newchapel, but stated to be residents of Brieryhurst hamlet, which is just over the county border from Lawton.

Notes on individuals gathered from scattered locations in my notebook, and elsewhere.

Isaac Ford 1764-1834

Newchapel Baptism: 1764 Apr 23 - Isaac son of John and Hannah Ford was baptised

Astbury Burial: 1834 Jun 14 - Isaac Ford collier of Stadmorslow in the parish of Wolstanton aged 71


There is no information on Mary Ford

John Ford 1789-1863

Newchapel Baptism: 1789 Apr 12 - John son of Isaac and Mary Ford baptised Lawton Parish

Mow Cop Burial: 1863 Feb 25 - John Ford of Mow Cop aged 75 years

Mow Cop Tombstone: John Ford of Mow Cop Died 23/2/1863 aged 75. Hannah (wife) 11/1/1863 aged 73. Tabetha (daughter) died 18/1/1877 aged 43. Also Thomas (son) died 7/6/1888 aged 67.

William Ford 1791-1856

Newchapel Baptism: 1791 Nov 27 - William son of Isaac and Mary Ford, Brie (new book)

Mow Cop Burial: 1863 Jun 21 - Wm Ford of Congleton aged 73 years

Tombstone: Sarah Ford wife of William Ford of Dales Green. Died 17/6/1856 aged 64. also William Ford died 17/6/1862 aged 73. Also Luke Hancock (grandson & Pauline Oakes his wife)

Thomas Ford 1794-1857

Newchapel Baptism: 1794 Nov 16 - Thomas son of Isaac and Mary Ford, Brie

Mow Cop Burial: 1857 Feb 10 - Thomas Ford of Mow Cop aged 62 years

Hannah Ford 1797-1813

Lawton Baptism: 1797 May 21 - Hannah daughter of Isaac and Mary Ford, Collier, Lawton

Astbury Burial: 1813 Apr 6 - Hannah d of Isaac Ford Collier and Mary of Whitehill Aged 16

Isaac Ford 1800-1861

Lawton Baptism: 1800 Aug 24 - Isaac son of Isaac and Mary Ford, Lawton

Newchapel Burial: 1861 Jul 21 - Isaac Ford of Stadmorslow aged 60 years